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Q1 When should I consult a gynaecologist or obstetric?

Ans As a healthy practice, a lady should consult a Gynaecology regularly to stay healthy but you should reach out to a Gynaecologist in case of any kind of discomfort in your body.
Also , please read Anandi e-comics Awareness (Volume 2) regularly . We will keep you updated on the various points that you must know.

Q2 How can I consult online with Dr. Shilpi of Anandi?

Ans There are 2 ways of booking the appointment:

Method 1: Web booking :
Step 1 :visit and click on Book Now
Step 2 : Select a convenient Date and Time slot
Step 3: Fill your name and email address in the booking form
Step 4 : Proceed to Pay

Step 5: You will get a confirmation mail.

Method 2 : WhatsApp booking
Step 1 : WhatsApp Your First name to +919555578730
Step 2: You will receive a booking form on your WhatsApp
Step 3: Fill the form ( will take 30 seconds)
Step 4: Complete the Payment process

Step 5 : A slot for you will be booked

In case of time clash between Web booking and WhatsApp booking , Web bookings will be given preference.
At the booked time , please be available on the selected platform for video call.

By default, Zoom video calls will be the consultation medium.

Q3 How secure is my online consultation on Anandi?

Ans With Anandi , You can be fully assured about your privacy as:

1. We do not ask for any personal details for appointment booking apart from Name, Phone number and email , Age ( optional). 
2. We do not allow any kind of Audio/Video recording during the consultation

3. We always use well established and professional methods for video consultations

4. We will never share your details with any third party without your consent

Q4 What is the qualification and experience of Dr. Shilpi of Anandi?

Ans: Dr Shilpi has been Practicing since last 10 years and have treated more than 10000 females so far.
To know more about her, please visit and explore Know Your Doctor section.

Q5 What are the charges for booking a consultation with Dr. Shilpi of Anandi?

Ans The Charges might vary from time to time. Please visit . The current consultation services charges are displayed in the bottom of the home page.

Q6 How will I get a confirmation that my consultation is booked?

Ans You will receive a confirmation email from post payment.

Q7 How can I make the payment while booking an online consultation with Anandi?

Ans There are multiple methods of doing the payment:
1. Debit/Credit Cards
2. Wallets ( Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay, UPI etc)

3. NEFT transfer

Q8 What if I do not receive a confirmation on booking and my money is deducted?

Ans You should wait for 7-10 working days to get the money back and if not received then you should mail the screenshot of payment debit from your account statement and our team will reach out to you.

Q9 Can I cancel my booking?

Ans Yes, You can cancel your booking at least 15 minutes prior to that of scheduled timing for full refund.

You should not expect a refund in case this rule is violated.


Q10 Can I postpone my booking?

Ans In case of postponement, please WhatsApp/mail us at least 60 minutes before the scheduled consultation time. We will try to accommodate the request but we do not guarantee a slot on the same day.

Do not expect refund in case the consultation did not take place because of any confusion regarding the postponement.

Q11 Will I get a refund if I cancel the booking?

Ans Yes, You will get full refund in case the booking is cancelled 15 minutes prior to the scheduled slot time.

Q12 What if I need to speak to Dr. Shilpi after getting some prescribed tests done?

Ans There is consultation facility called Follow up.
Please book a Follow up consultation post the prescribed tests are done.
Follow up consultations will be at a reduced price if booked within 5 days from the regular consultations.

Q13 Can I consult for myself and my friend in a single consultation?

Ans Since, at Anandi our core focus to build as healthy Doctor- Patient relationship, we allow only one patient at a time during a consultation.

Q14 What if my network goes off and call disconnects during an ongoing consultation?

Ans In case of Network Issues, we do not take any responsibility of refunds. However, to respect the value of time, we can switch to Audio call to complete the consultation.

Q15 Can I book multiple consultations from one account at one time?

Ans Yes, you can book multiple consultations from a same account.

Q16 What all diseases/Problems/issues can be treated by Dr Shilpi?

Ans You can consult Dr Shilpi for following topics:


Early Pregnancy

Late Pregnancy

Pregnancy loss


Breast cancer

Cervical cancer

Excessive Vomiting during pregnancy

Baby Delivery

Labor pain



Delayed Menstruation





Stomach ache

Irregular periods


Urine infection

Urinary problems

Uterus problems

Deficiencies like Vit D, Vit B12, Calcium etc

Fatigue problems

Mother feeding /Breast feeding


Menstrual cycle issues

Back ache

Folic acid related queries

Iron in pregnancy

Test tube baby

Knowledge about exercises

Skin problem

Premature pregnancy

Jaundice in pregnancy

Wants issue

Mood swings


Q17 How do I cancel a booking?

Ans You can cancel the bookings in 2 ways:

1. Send a mail to This should be done at least 60 minutes before the booked consultation slot to be eligible for 100% refund.

2. WhatsApp us on + 919555578730 at least 60 minutes before the consultation slot about the cancellation to be eligible for 100% refund.

You will get the money back with in 10-15 working days.

Q18 What languages are applicable on

Ans At present Anandi consultations are available in Hindi & English only. We will keep adding the new lanugauges from time to time.

Q19 How can I get my old Prescriptions and Invoices?

Ans Your records are stored with us. Please write to us at if you need a copy.

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